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Knock Out Dog Fighting TeamThe Knock Out Dog Fighting program has been working to end violence in our communities and stop the torture of dogs used for dog fighting for over a decade. We continue to break new ground by reaching different audiences with the message that abuse, whether to a human or animal, is not a sign of strength, power or greatness. Kris Crawford says.

Our youth intervention program for schools, community centers and juvenile detentions facilities consist of one time assembly presentations or ongoing weekly classes and workshops. We have programs specifically geared to hot spots for gang activity that have an emphasis on behavior modification for At-Risk, High-Risk, Impacted and Intentional youth and adolescents.

One of the things that is unique about our program is we don't just go to schools or juvenile detention facilities and tell kids not to fight dogs....we work with them so they stop abusing animals AND we give them healthy alternatives.  We don't go in and say don't do this and don't do that.  We bring in positive role models that tell them you CAN do this and you CAN do that and them we show them how!  We foster hope by helping them come to the realization that they are capable of much more than they have ever dreamt possible.  We engage them so they can rise above their circumstances and become champions and help us end the distress of these help us Knock Out Dog Fighting.



CONTACT US if you are interested in having us come to your school, community center, or juvenile detention center for a one-time assembly program or any of the programs or workshops listed below.


Community Center and School Programs - Kris Crawford

Our community center and school programs help develop moral character in children and young adults. The program instills an appreciation for animals and teaches children how to treat animals with respect. Teaching empathy for animals helps to nourish the inner character of children and young adults. Educating our youth to act humanely produces communities with adults who act humanely. The Knock Out Dog Fighting school program focuses on developing a more compassionate and humane ethic in youth. Building empathy and humane behavior in children is critical. It does little good to give young people the intellectual skills to succeed if they don't learn the importance of caring for those around them. Our members are role models to many of these children so we are trying to be part of the solution by teaching the next generation empathy and that cruelty and abuse is wrong.

Programs are designed so that there is something for everyone. Some of the participants may not have dogs or some may not be athletic, so we've created programs so we can work with kids with a variety of interests.


Juvenile Hall Program - by Kris Crawford of For Pits Sake

The basic premise behind each of the segments in our Juvenile Hall programs is self-motivation, self-discipline, choices, and what it takes to be a champion. The members of Knock Out Dog Fighting are elite athletes and role models who help at-risk youth make better choices, develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles. This reduces the potential of involvement in at-risk dog fighting.

Youth is a time of making mistakes and learning to overcome them. Change is not easy. It is often a process of one step forward and two steps back. Our members have a unique gift that enables them to inspire these young adults to look deep down within themselves and ask, "What is it in my heart that I really want to be?"

In addition to humane education Knock Out Dog Fighting offers healthy alternatives to gang-related activities. The workshops in our Juvenile Hall, Community Center and School programs are designed so that there is something for everyone. Some of the participants may not have dogs or some may not be athletic, so we offer a variety of programs. (

Created by Kris Crawford



Law Enforcement Training by Kris Crawford of For Pits Sake

Our law enforcement training program is an 8-hour workshop for animal control officers and law enforcement and is presented by leading pit bull experts, animal control officers, law enforcement officials and prosecutors with experience in dog fighting investigations. Participants learn through use of audio, video, hands-on examples and case studies of pit bulls, dog fighting investigations and prosecutions how to identify signs of dog fighting, how to properly investigate possible dog fighting operations and how to effectively prosecute offenders. Temperament testing techniques for evaluating the disposition of dogs rescued from dog fighting operations are covered in a separate class.

Law enforcement and prosecutors cannot keep ignoring cruelty to animals. They MUST eliminate the “No, we don’t have time to investigate reports of animal abuse – it’s just a dog” mentality. The idea that police and prosecutors have more important crimes against people to worry about – than responding to reports of animal abuse – looses much credibility when such abuse is proven to be linked to serious, aberrant, and deadly criminal behavior. The line separating an animal abuser from someone capable of committing human abuse is much finer than most people care to consider. People abuse animals for the same reasons they abuse people. Some of them will stop with animals, but enough have been proven to continue on to commit violent crimes to people that it's worth paying attention to. Education is power and this course clearly and methodically teaches you how to Knock Out Dog Fighting in your community.


Public Service Announcements - Kris Crawford and Kristine Crawford of For Pits Sake

Our Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are designed to build awareness about the importance of Knocking Out Dog Fighting. Our PSAs invite young adults to be part of the solution to stopping cruelty and abuse. As professionals in their fields, our members are poised to positively influence how young adults behave because they are viewed as role models. (Kris Crawford, Kristine Crawford, For Pits Sake)



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