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IF YOU HAVE EVIDENCE OF A DOG FIGHTING OPERATION IN YOUR COMMUNITY - CONTACT LAW ENFORCEMENT! Dog fighting is a crime and should be investigated by those who have the authority and policing powers to stop the suffering of these animals.



The Knock Out Dog Fighting program is one of many programs developed by the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization For Pits' Sake, Inc.  This award winning anti-dog fighting program is an unprecedented multi-media public education campaign for children and young adults that combats the callous cruelty of dog fighting. 

Sometimes it takes a high-profile incident like the Michael Vick case to shock people into recognizing that we simply can't keep turning a blind eye to these atrocities. Sadly, dog fighting is alive and well in America.  The Michael Vick case exposed to the American public the brutality that goes along with it.  While the outcome of the Vick case was a great victory against dog fighting, there is still much to be done.  Although Vick's dog fighting operation has been dismantled, it was only ONE of countless thousands of such operations across the country where dogs suffer untold horrors at the hands of their owners in dog fighting operations.

We believe that one of the most effective ways to stop the cycle of violence is to teach young people about self-discipline, self-respect and the proper treatment of animals.  This type of education creates a cycle of a different sort: a cycle of compassion.

We offer workshops and classes, posters, radio and television public service announcements and other valuable information to schools, community centers, law enforcement, animal shelters, rescue groups, gang counselors and juvenile detention centers to stop cruelty and abuse in our communities.






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